European Hub for Compliance & Take Back

WEEE, waste batteries, waste packaging

WEEElogic is a Pan-European one stop shop (Hub) for compliance and/or take back & recycling of WEEE (waste of electrical and electronic equipment), waste batteries and packaging.

WEEElogic provides a full range of services and solutions all across Europe and surrounding countries to producers, manufacturers, OEM’s, importers, retailers distant sellers and waste holders.

European Hub for Compliance & Take Back

WEEElogic offers a European one-stop shop for:

  • Environmental compliance

    • WEEE compliance to Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) producers, manufacturers, OEM’s, importers, and distance sellers
    • Battery compliance to battery and accumulator producers
    • Packaging compliance
    • Related waste streams.

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  • Take back operations & recycling

    • B2C operations and obligations at public collection points and retailers
    • B2B take-back programs
    • B2B (Re)marketing and refurbishing programs
    • Reuse programs
    • Recycling programs.

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  • Consulting & individual services

    • Legal assessment
    • Central payment service

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Our Partners

With a dedicated set of partners, the WEEELogic network is constantly expanding with respect to the specific needs of our clients.

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WEEElogic intends to simplify producer’s compliance management proceedings.

We have developed a comprehensive and ready to use set of compliance solutions for both administrative and operational obligations, in line with the diverse local legal obligations.

The European compliance hub service is recognized as cost efficient by producers willing to simplify and to rightsize their compliance at the best cost.



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